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2022 - The International Conference on the Science of Written Expression

What is Written Expression?…

Current research on writing defines written expression as “the complex self-directed process that involves the higher order cognitive skills of idea generation, planning, organizing, translating, and revising ideas into a written product which communicates meaning.”

In today’s classrooms the emphasis on student achievement through written expression is at its highest.

At the Handwriting Collaborative we are dedicated to providing educators with access to the research, and the resources, that are key to improving the writing development of all learners.

With this goal in mind, we gathered together leading researchers in the fields of literacy education, psychology, neuroscience, and more to share the findings of their most recent work at our International Conference on the Science of Written Expression.
This virtual conference, on ALL aspects of the science of writing, is now available for On-Demand viewing.

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2024 - Handwriting Collaborative Virtual Conference

In today’s classrooms the emphasis on research-aligned reading and writing instruction is at an all-time high. Proficiency in both reading and written expression is heavily dependent on transcription skills, which encompass handwriting and spelling. Handwriting is one of the most fundamental transcription skills that students must master to become proficient writers.

On January 20th, 2024, the virtual 2024 Handwriting Collaborative Conference for Educators, School-Based Specialists, and Parents will provide a full day of engaging online and on-demand presentations covering all aspects of handwriting skill development and instruction. Sessions will be led by a team of nationally recognized developmental handwriting experts who will share a variety of research-based, multisensory (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic) clinic- and classroom-tested instructional strategies. These strategies will help educators, parents, and school-based specialists feel more confident and capable of teaching handwriting to support the needs of ALL learners.

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